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Portland Maine Rentals

The Portland apartment rental market offers a wide variety of options to choose from.

The cost for an apartment in Portland varies widely depending on location, quality of the units and what utlities are included in the rent.  As a rough rule of thumb entry level for a 1 Bedroom, decent quality unit either in town or out in one of the nicer suburban locations will be around $900 whilst a 2 Bedroom unit entry level will be around $1150.

Portland initially can be broken down into 2 areas, in town and out of town or “On the Peninsula” vs “Off the Peninsula”  On the Peninsula you can locate yourself on the hip, trendy East End or derive a bit more privacy in the more established West End locations.  Both area are great and there are just a few streets you will want to stay away from.  Please contact us anytime for more information and descriptions on the various neighborhoods.

Utility Costs:
About half of the apartments in Portland Maine will come with heat included whilst the other half will be paid by the tenant.  Be sure to analysis individual properties very closely in this area as a poorly insulated, older heating system may have you paying multiple hundreds of dollars each month to heat the place.

Thanks for reading about apartment rentals in Portland Maine and feel free to browse our current inventory or Maine rental property anytime.