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“I have been a tenant of Schneider Property Management for over nine years. I have had good luck with the owner Craig. In 2008 I lost my job and I could not pay my rent in full each month. I immediately called Craig and he graciously let me split my rental payments in two.

When I have an issue I call or send a maintenance request the wait time/response time is no different than other property management companies I or my family has been with. Once, the apartment above me had a major plumbing disaster. SPM came out right away to fix the issue. It took a little bit to have the contractors come out to fix it cosmetically but that is understandable. Having been in the project management field, it is more cost effective (future savings to the tenant) to have your contractors come out and work at a single site over a day or period of days. I am fine with that.

All in all I am happy with SPM. Craig has always been a gentleman with me.”

– L. Brown

“We hired them when we purchased the property 2 years ago, they helped us set up bank accounts, and have collected all the rents, paid the bills, and found new tenants when leases ran out. They have been easy to work with and prompt with answering questions and emailing monthly reports. We will definitely use them to manage the next rental property we buy.”

– S. Jameson

“Schneider Property Management has stayed on top of any maintenance issues at my property and on numerous occasions had to deal with my nonpaying tenants. Craig and his staff have been terrific!

I have been working with Schneider Property Management for over three years and have been extremely happy with the service and personal attention I (and my property) has received. I would confidently recommend Schneider Property Management to any of my friends in the area.”

– K. Cann

“Schneider Property Management has managed my property for over 5 years. During this time they have replaced doors and performed both major and minor repairs. Additionally, they handle my accounts and the payment of my utility bills. I live out of state and am truly a ‘hands off’ owner. SPM allows me to have peace of mind. I literally do not need to be involved at all unless there is a big dollar item that requires my ok. SPM also has a impressive contact list that includes individuals of every possible skill set. If you need stone work done, they know a skilled mason. If you need an odd carpentry job done, Craig can either do it himself or he knows a capable, skilled carpenter who can get it done. The pricing is always reasonable.

SPM is always professional and very easy to work with. They respond quickly and they are friendly. In addition to performing tasks at my property, they have also helped my family with projects at their homes. Every job that they have completed for me (or my family) has been completed efficiently and to our satisfaction.”

– R. Woodsum

“I have a 4 Unit building which I manage. But I am often unavailable to make the trip there. I call Schneider Property Management to take care of the problem. I also use them for my leasing out of the units, as they do an excellent job advertising, screening, and completing the lease process.”

– D. Salmon

“I engaged Schneider Realty Management to:

  • find good tenants for my rental property
  • advise me of what I might need to do to make the rental as attractive as needed
  • manage the property after the renters move in
  • collect deposit from tenant and hold it in an interest-bearing escrow account
  • collect monthly rents
  • respond to tenant issues and make repairs as needed after informing me
  • send me the rental funds minus the management fee and the costs of repairs, etc. each month
  • provide invoices for these costs that I need for my tax purposes

It went exceptionally well! I contracted the services of Schneider Property Management to find a good tenant for a rental property I bought in Portland. Craig Schneider was kind enough to meet with us beforehand to give us some good advice as to what we could do to make the property more attractive to a renter and he waived us off from making some investments in the place that he thought were not necessary. We hired him because we realized he “knew his stuff,” that his experience and that of his colleagues in the company was of great value to us. He doesn’t simply run an ad and show the property to prospective tenants, he qualifies them for us. His company qualifies prospective tenants by researching their background, credit history, current employment, and references before recommending that we rent to them. Their commission for finding a tenant, 80% of the first month’s rent, is very competitive and worth every penny and more. We have also hired Schneider to manage our property for a very reasonable monthly fee. He manages security deposits, collects the rent, responds to tenants’ questions or reported problems, resolves issues, lets me know when something needs to be dealt with (frozen pipes, etc.) and suggests economical ways to fix whatever is wrong. The lease that Schneider Property Management uses is very detailed and protects the interests of the landlord and the tenants with explicit responsibilities. For example, part way through the lease signed by our first tenants they unfortunately decided to divorce. Craig made sure that they knew that their obligations under the lease continued to be met – the rent continued to be paid – but also began the search for a new tenant right away. After about 6 weeks, a new qualified tenant signed a lease. This released the obligation of the first tenant from the day the new lease took effect. Under the terms of the lease form that Schneider has developed, if the new tenant’s rent was less than the first tenant’s rent, the first tenant would have been required to make up the difference each month until the end of the lease period they’d signed. Fortunately, the rent was the same, but this feature illustrates the type of thing that I would not have anticipated but that the Schneider lease did. I know that my rental property is in great hands with Schneider Property Management.”

– J. Ash

“Schneider Property Management LLC provides full property management of our 5 properties. This service includes, but not limited to, taking phone calls from tenants, seeing that problems are fixed either by their own staff or outside contractors, keeping us informed of all activities either by phone, email or weekly/monthly reports, seeing that the bills are paid (i.e. mortgages, taxes, insurance) and answering all of our questions and addressing any concerns we may have.

We are 100% satisfied with their service. Their professionalism is of the highest caliber. During this past year we have not lost any tenants. The rents have been successfully collected, all tenant requests for fixes have been done cost effectively and in a timely manner, all bills have been paid in full and on time and we have been kept informed of all that is going on either by phone email note or as part of our weekly and monthly reports. Our experience with Schneider Property Management LLC has been extremely positive.”

– S. Caiazzo

“SPM is a trustworthy management company. They handle everything from repairs, finding tenants, you name it – they do it. I use them for all my properties in Maine and I never have to worry. They are true professionals, I can reach out to them at anytime and they are always there for whatever I need. I highly recommend SPM, they represent what good business is all about, amazing service for a great value!”

– E. Stoddard

“The company offered two forms of service – one where they advertised, received applications from prospective tenants, did a background check for financial ability and with previous landlords, and a second form where they first vetted the prospective tenants then followed up with complete management services – collecting rents, taking responsibility for maintenance requests from them, and furnishing service providers to meet the tenants’ needs.

We opted for the initial advertising and vetting process, as we were not located far from the property, and because it was a house, rather than an apartment building where there were more than just one family involved. We got results within a few days – a family that had three generations needing a rental for our four-bedroom garrison with partially-finished basement. The family was very pleased with the property and anxious to lease it. The decision was ours, and there was no pressure whatsoever for us to choose the initial applicants. Each member of the Schneider staff assumed responsibility for an aspect of the transaction – financial screening by one, interviewing the prospective tenants by another, and doing a final walk-through by a third. They were even able to furnish us with the name of an excellent person to do a final cleaning of the house prior to the tenants moving in. All during this process we were constantly kept informed of how things were proceeding. When we decided to accept the first applicants, we were provided a copy of a very thorough proposed lease in advance for our review. We were fortunate that the prospective tenants were an excellent match for the house and it for them.

We couldn’t have been more pleased with how pleasant, efficient, and professional the staff at Schneider was to work with and recommend them highly should anyone need assistance in locating suitable tenants for a rental property.”

– C. Ramsay